Friday, March 04, 2005

An artist's life

I had a chat today with someone I know from life drawing classes, back when I used to do them. He's what I would call your classic artist, by which I mean that he's very passionate about his art to the point where he has little interest in anything else. Just like that old guy whom Carrie went out with, in the last episodes of Sex and the City.

I really admired his focus and his belief in himself and his work. But I sure couldn't live the way he does.

The fact is, I'm more of a dabbler - both in ability and in interest. That, and the fact that I'm still working on my self-confidence, make me the polar opposite of my artist acquaintence.

It must take a lot of self-belief to continue being a full-time artist who does not manage to sell a single item after 500 people have been through your studio in one weekend. He's still into it, and refuses to change his style and produce more trendy work. Good for him.

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EB said...

Curious to know what his art looks like now. However, I'm not really in the market for buying and am instead selling a couple of prints bought in Auckland.