Wednesday, March 16, 2005

All about your body

I've never thought of myself as someone who is great at "attention to detail" (but I'd never say so in a job interview because that would just be interview suicide). However, things are just getting ridiculous. I've made a bunch of embarrassing mistakes which, if someone else had done it, would have given me reason call them a total idiot who's crap at their job.

And I've been assured it'll get worse. Soon I'll be unable to talk in complete sentences. Is that how babies learn to speak babytalk? Because they spend their formative years with their (temporarily) brain-shrunk mums?

I needed something to distract me from my intelligence leakage, so I've been leafing through a book called The Odd Body 2, by Dr Stephen Juan. It's an Aussie compilation of questions and answers sent in by readers, and full of interesting miscellanea. For instance:

- A woman over 40 is 128% more likely to bear a left-handed child, than a woman under 40.
- Studies have shown a correlation between hayfever and shyness (snorting, sneezing and wheezing would tend to stop me from putting on my suave act, so yeah).
- Children under six don't blush.
- Men hiccup more than women.
- Inuit are among the most hairless people on the planet, which is odd because you'd think they'd need the extra cover.
- Human stomach acid is strong enough to dissolve razor blades.
- The subject people most dream about is falling, followed by being chased; trying but failing to perform a simple task; doing chores at home, work or school; and lastly, sex.


mary said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
cesca said...

That book sounds fascinating! I love that sort of stuff.

And yeah, the brain fuzz does get worse, and it doesn't really go until ummm... actually I don't know if I ever got my brain back...

Frally said...

Um...what's up with Mary?

You are a wealth of useful information. Or is that useless information? I'll make up my mind after I finish my bowl of razor-blades.

EB said...

I've put the Glad Wrap box into the fridge as recently as the other day. If that's so about the stomach acid, how come I see corn, raisins and peas in baby poo. Corn goes right through me.

happyandblue2 said...

What is up with Mary?
I am left handed and I can honestly say that I have never met anyone as brilliant as I is..

Nigel Patel said...

Actually body hair is better for dusty hot places. It keeps the humidity at hair's length. That's why I grow a summer beard.
Also clothes ware away body hair.
So why being mostly Welsh do I have a built-in sweater?

Jon said...

Mary is so concerned about you, how sweet! :P

Anyway, Inuits don't hair, they wear seal pubes

Desiree said...

First time I've ever seen anyone spammed in a blog - LOL!

Hair, hmmm...

Q: Why do men increase the hair length from their ears and noses, whilst losing what's on top?

A: Apparently it's hormonal.

For an extreme example, go to this link:

IMHO that's gotta be a toupee on top!

Violet said...

Mary's comment has been soooo deleted.

Jon: seal pubes? Where do you get these strange and unhealthy notions?

EB: You have a point. Obviously it takes a fair bit of time for stomach acid to dissolve anything, and anything that travel too quickly through your gut ends up recognisable at the end.

Nigel: but that contradicts the fact that I get my hair cut shorter for summer because it's cooler.

Desiree: are you doing all this Googling at work? Tsk tsk...

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