Saturday, March 05, 2005

Cross-gender considerations before leaving for Napier

Well, it looks like we're going to go straight to Napier after all (yay!), and take the chance of a potential accomodation shortage. I'm hoping we can get something nice on The Parade, because according to the map there's a mini-golf course around there, as well as the Aquarium, the Museum and the Library (and the beach).

Whilst waiting for the boy to get ready for the big day ahead, I was reading The Green Fairy's latest post, which asks this question:

If you woke up one morning in the body of the opposite sex, what would you do?

After I'd gotten over freaking out completely, I would probably have to break the horrible news to the boy - before stealing some of his clothes.

Hopefully I'd be in the body of a tall man; if I were to stay five feet tall, my next concern would be to find a pair of platform shoes and a sports car.

I'd definitely want to take advantage of the higher metabolism that men generally have, and eat whatever I want (oh wait...that's what I've been doing for the last four months...) and stay up all night.

Then I'd have to start practising chatting up women (or men, if my sexuality stays the same) and acting like I know everything and care about nothing.


EB said...

If it was temporary, I'd see if my math and computer skills were better; whether I still rotate the map to get to a place or can follow someones verbal directions clearly in my head and get my drivers license. If it was permanent, I'd become an actor.

Nyx said...

Wow it worked! This is my fourth time trying to comment here, bloody bloody.

Just had to say that I'm very jealous you're off to Napier (I used to live there and loved it) and I hope you have fun.

Also, I can't believe you scored 90 out of my 100 things. You're like my long lost sister!

Frally said...

If I woke up a man, the first thing I would do is pee standing up...perhaps even write my name for good measure.

Nigel Patel said...

First, I'd shave off the beard, and then I'd get some girly clothes and go out and try to get objectified.
If permanent, I'd start a band.

Charlie said...

That's an interesting question and answer. Lol - I doubt your sexual preferences would change. Like if I became female, I would still be attracted to men.

Violet said...

EB: it might also be worth noting whether, if you do get lost, you are still capable of asking for directions.

Llcoffee: Oops - you must've misinterpreted my comment on your 100 interesting things. I just meant that I only have about 10 interesting facts about me, 90 less than you do. Mind you, I might go back and see which of mine match up with yours...

Charlie: that depends on how much of your body changes. If sexual preference is wired into your brain, and you end up with a female one, your preference might be different.