Thursday, March 24, 2005

The computer back-up debacle

I went in work today for one purpose only, and that was to burn the office's weekly computer back-ups onto two DVDs (a weekly task which is done every Thursday). I arrived at 9.40am, and hoped to be in and out in a little over an hour.

At 2.30pm, I was had only just finishing burning the second DVD.

I've been told before that it's naive to think that any process involving computers can actually be done quickly, so I shouldn't have been surprised. Out of the eight computers whose backups I had to burn, only one had successfully produced a backup in the first place - mine. I had to rerun the backup jobs for the other seven, which took about three hours. While I waited, I fixed a botch-up on the intranet, answered phone calls and filed things into pigeonholes.

When it was all over, it was time for some minor retail therapy (nothing big, since the refrigerator purchase is looming over the coming weekend), so I went looking for some extra long, stretchy t-shirts to buy. Some maternity clothes only look good on when you're about ten weeks from giving birth. Instead, I've bought some fabric and a sewing pattern so I can at least play around with the fit.

On my walk home, I came across a very noisy band playing in the street. They appeared to be called Voice of Youth. Gosh, youth sure have a loud voice.

My feet are all sore now from carrying me around the shops and home over two and a half hours. I think I'll put them up now and read my Philip K. Dick novels.


EB said...

Just happened to be in Marion Street and Tharcold shop had 3 of those fridges with the unfortunate brand name. Pastel! Non-red! Oh well. So, you can sew as well, didn't know you were so multitalented. Isn't the boy going to have a fit when he finds out you walked so much?

hazel said...

any chance you could post a photo of the finished product? I am always amazed by people that can make their own clothes, a true talent.
selfishly, i wish i knew some people who knit, i have always wanted a sweater knit just for me (but no snowflake design...).

happyandblue2 said...

Have a nice rest. And then sew me up a suit.

Violet said...

My sewing is nothing to boast about. I lack two things which are essential for good workmanship in dressmaking:
1. patience and
2. technical skill

I bought enough fabric off-cuts to have two tries at making this one top, which was supposed to be Very Easy. It took me four hours to complete the first, but it didn't sit right. The second try took two hours, but looks good enough to wear in public. But nothing fab though. Maybe I'll post a picture; we'll see.