Saturday, March 26, 2005

the weather gods are out to get me

In spite of weather forecasts earlier this week which predicted rain all through the Easter break, the sun shone both yesterday morning and this morning. Both times, I was optimistic enough to hang the washing on the line. Both times I was forced to take it all off the line again because by the time the clothes were nearly dry, the rain had arrived after all.

It was looking really promising today. The sun stayed out till just before we got home from lunching and refrigerator shopping. During lunch I managed to get greasy food stains on my new top, the one which I had created less than 24 hours previously. I should've predicted that would happen - not only was the garment new, but it was also light-coloured.

As for our new refrigerator, the possibility of getting one of those sexy curvy retro models was pretty much nil. We settled for getting a "normal" one. Neither of us bothered to check whether it is self-defrosting, super-energy efficient or beeps at you when the door's left open too long. Our main concern was that it didn't cost too much, yet big enough in both fridge and freezer compartments i.e. about the same size as our currently dying one. Unfortunately, they can't deliver it until Tuesday because we're right in the middle of Easter.


EB said...

The weather is very unpredictable at the moment, and yet I wish we could hang our laundry outside, were not allowed. Also, the development of more surface area may attract food too. Garment looks lovely by the way.

Jon said...

I thought all fridges these days had self defrosting freezers, regardless of price. I hope you don't have to wait around all day for them to deliver it- I always hate hearing 'we'll be there between 9AM and 6PM for things like deliveries and cable tv people. What a wasted day!

happyandblue2 said...

Sorry you have to wait for the fridge to be delivered.
And sorry about your top getting stained. You at least can whip up another one.
Have a Happy Easter..

Violet said...

EB: Back when I was looking to move house, I dismissed any place that didn't have outside space for hanging laundry. It's a god-given right!!

Jon: I'm sure they all do - I just didn't bother to check all the features. When we got a serviceman out to check out Internet cable, they told us they'd turn up between 9am and noon...and actually turned up at 3.30pm.

happyandblue2: if the stain doesn't wash off, I'm slapping a decorative patch on it. Happy Easter to you too.