Thursday, March 10, 2005

Ten fairly interesting things about me

All's quiet on the baby front, and now that I no longer work in a public library I have no amusing library anecdotes to offer. So I'm falling back on that hoary old chestnut - the list of interesting 100 things. In my version however, there will only be ten, because I'm sure I can't think of 100 interesting things (nothing that I'd tell you all about anyway)...

1. I used to wear coke-bottle-bottom spectacles. Then I put my eyes through huge amounts of suffering i.e. contact lenses, before getting corrective laser surgury. So, in a way, I have already succumbed to the Extreme Makeover dream.

2. I bought my house when I was twenty four, and I only did it to get out of living at home. My mother was so upset at my imminent departure from her walls that, when the real estate agent turned up to collect my deposit on the new house, she harangued him at the front doorway for half an hour. Meanwhile, I hid in my bedroom and only appeared when I started feeling sorry for him.

3. I'm allergic to house-dust mite poo, cats and mould. Food allergens include chicken, carrots and eggs. But I eat ice cream and cake anyway.

4. Someone (male) once bought me a sex toy, on a whim. It's now so well-hidden that I must remember to throw it away before the boy and I start cleaning out the spare room/nursery.

5. Although I concede that Johnny Depp is quite a studly speciman of manhood, I only watch his movies because I think he chooses really good movies to be in. Except for The Man who Cried, which was extremely boring.

6. One of my all-time favourite movies is Don Juan de Marco, starring...Johnny Depp.

7. I must be one of the few people who have tried to read The Da Vinci Code and found it a load of rubbish.

8. Although I spent fifteen years of my working life in IT, I am hopeless when it comes to fixing anything to do with my computer. I also have trouble programming a VCR (any VCR, just pick one and I will be as confused as hell).

9. I'm only five feet tall, but the boy is six feet two. This is only a problem when we try to slow-dance. But it's a wonder that no-one has ever mistaken us for one of those dodgy white man/young Asian girl couples you see in Thailand or Sri Lanka.

10. When I was in primary school I was such a goody two-shoes that one afternoon, I was the only one who did not have to stay in after school. Okay I'm not proud of it, but it happened. And I've become less of an embarrassment since.


Jon said...

The Davinci Code was indeed the most sensationalist load of crap ever written. I couldn't even finish it- not because I'm a devout Catholic and was offended, as I'm not, but because it offended my sense of good literature!

Allergic to chicken? I've heard of shellfish allergies, dairy allergies, not to mention nut allergies, but never chicken. However, due to your heitage, I would imagine that you ate lots of pork while growing up.

5 feet tall? Do you even have to kneel when you give him a BJ? Ok. this is getting vulgar so I'm done :)

Violet said...

Yes I did eat lots of pork growing up, but I ate a ton of chicken too. My mum used to slaughter them in the laundry so that the meat would be nice and fresh...

No comment about BJ's but I will say that the old adage about us all being the same height whilst horizontal, does apply :-)

donald said...

how old are you,which country you live in,its pleasure to see you sharing secrets