Friday, July 03, 2009

Too sick to surf

In the past when I've been sick at home, being sick hasn't stopped me from washing up the dishes or hanging out the laundry or whatever. But this time I wasn't even up to surfing the 'Net. The only activity I was fit for, was watching breakfast tv followed by Oprah and Dr Phil.

When I went to see the doctor (again) on Wednesday morning, my throat was so sore it felt like it was full of tiny little razor blades. And then my ears started to throb while I was still in the waiting room. I must've look quite pathetic, with my eyes all misted over with pain and self-pity. But I reckoned that I may as well look as ill as possible so I could get the rest of the week off work, so I didn't even bother applying any normalising make-up before I left the house.

So anyway, the cold that floored me had ushered in a form of strep throat. I've heard of it, but didn't know anything about it. So I Googled it, as you do. And guess what - sometime it turns into a flesh-eating disease!


Antoinette said...

My husband had a virus last winter that gave a throat so sore he described it as you did. Wasn't strep -- but I am sorry you weren't even fit to surf the Web. It would take a lot for me to stop doing that. :)

donnasoowho said...

omg is your elbow starting to eat you?

Violet said...

antoinette: egg-zachary!

donnasoowho: yes, and it's starting with my tonsils!