Friday, July 24, 2009

The coat that got away

A couple of months ago, when I was looking for a nice winter wool coat, I found a lovely one in violet (the colour). It had a nice silhouette - semi-fitted to the waist, then flaring out to below my knees, with slightly puffy cuffed sleeves. On the other hand it was too long (on a normal-height woman it would be above knee length) and the sleeves were so long that my hands disappeared into them. Plus, I wasn't sure whether the colour would be horrendously dated by next winter.

I also didn't buy it because I'd just spent too much money some fab black riding boots.

But my mind kept wandering back to that coat, and every time I browsed the Max online shop, I'd look for it in case it went on sale.

It went on sale - at half price!
But I only noticed when I went into the shop looking for a hat to wear home in the gale force winds. And they didn't have it in my size any more.

I must stay strong, and wait for the next really nice coat instead of settling for something fatteningly double-breasted or boringly camel or something that fits like a rice sack.


donnasoowho said...

Max on-line shop?!! I must go look immediately... boo about coat but it's all swings and roundabouts. You'll get some other fabulous deal in due course.

Violet said...

Yeah, it's been around for a while. But if you don't read fashion magazines you would know :-)

donnasoowho said...

hell no nothing as high brow as that. I barely even read NW magazine these days anymore (after the ban, although apparently the other day we had a burglar that left a Who in the toilet - fancy that!). Funny though when I log on it keeps directing me to the Australian version of the site... (how does it know I"m here?) and so I can't see if they've sneakily put up the prices.

Now I really want a merino hoodie top. And some harem pants (although I told Ray before and he looked at me weirdly and said 'are you sure they're fashionable?')

Violet said...

I think it's your ISP that gives you away and sends you to the Aussie site. But harem pants? I used to wear hammer pants back in the day, they were really comfy.