Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I miss my voice

Quite apart from (still) not being able to read to TLM or sing her songs at bedtime, I miss not having a fully working voice:
  • It means I can't just shout "Thanks, driver!" when I get off the bus, which everyone does except for the really impolite and the non-English-speaking.
  • It means I can't join in when Mr Finance Manager and Ms Admin Support are trading quips. I'm normally good for a laugh, you know.
  • Quality time with TLM is pretty hard to achieve when I get home from work and by then I can only whisper.
  • I can still smile if I'm feeling cheerful, but a good vocal blasting of a silly song just can't be beat.


Antoinette said...

I had laryngitis for days a few years ago and it was tough keeping a 3-year-old with strong inclination toward naughtiness on the right side of the law. But it was also hard to not be able to say the loving and kind things, too. Well, you've been tending toward silent for more than a couple of weeks now, haven't you? Has no doctor been able to diagnose your affliction?

Charlie Anonymous said...

In our buses there's the wave-n-nod because the driver's too busy to wave back.

I have the feeling once you're voice is back to working order you're going to make up for lost time.
Perhaps you should stockpile whiticisms.

Anonymous said...

When I first moved to Melbourne I thanked the tram driver... and everyone turned around to look at me strangely. Ray loves how people thank the bus driver in Wellies - he thinks it's all 'quaint and rustic'.

Violet said...

Antoinette: yeah, I've tried giving TLM "the look" when she's being naughty, but it only seems to work on her father! I've no diagnosis specifically for my loss of voice, except that I've been coughing an awful lot in the last couple of weeks.

nigel: I could try that, but I reckon by then they won't sound as witty.

donnasoowho: Did you try to start a trend of tooting your car horn in the tunnels too?

Anonymous said...

Oh the tunnels here are a little too large - and also there are only people going one way. The 'other direction' gets a whole tunnel to itself! Although sometimes I feel like parking the car up on the curb, just to make me feel like I"m living in Mt Vic again!