Sunday, July 26, 2009

Maybe I should have stuck to the bag idea.

So, here is the shell top I made out of the boy's thrown-away designer jeans. It's pretty wrinkled, which doesn't help it's appearance.
Basically I used the bodice part of a dress pattern, New Look 6824, and extended the pattern pieces so that it ended at roughly hip length rather than waist length. I had to adjust it for fit, and omitted the zip because I was able to get it on and off okay without one. Then I made the mistake of turning the classic shell neckline into a v-neck, thinking it would be more flattering. But all I did was make it look less like a shell top.
The binding was there to prevent fraying and also to give me practice in using bias binding - but it doesn't really go with the denim does it? Although once it's on, you can only see the binding at the hem.

Oh yes, and because the jeans had holey knees, I couldn't get long enough pieces of denim to make the top long enough for me. So I tried patching two pieces at the front. On a thinner person, this might have been okay.

What I was pleased about, was that I found a good place to put the original back pockets. I think they give the top a bit of a flare (not flair).

Tragically, the finished product looks rubbish on me. Perhaps if I had picked a darker denim and if the jeans weren't frayed at the knees (so I could avoid that horizontal seam at the waist), and hadn't ruined the neckline - maybe then it would be okay. Or maybe princess line styles don't suit women with wide waists.

So I'm gonna put in back on the refashion pile until I think of something else to do with it.

Turning it into a satchel probably would've worked out better.


Antoinette said...

I think it looks pretty good! Have you tried wearing it with a long-sleeve tee underneath?

When you are ready to pick it back up, before you refashion it into something else, I have a couple of ideas you might consider. What about dyeing it a dark denim navy? This will prob. also dye the threads, but it will look dressier. what about re-cutting the bottom of the tunic in more circular-shaped pieces, so you end up with a peplum that flares to the hip more? I think it will offer more contrast between waist and hip. Also, if you want to get back to more of a scoopneck -- the v-neck you cut is not very low. Could you widen the neckline and re-draw the front to make it a slightly wider, deeper scoop?

I think princess lines are good for elongating one's body and for easy nipping in at the waist. I say go with this!

Charlie Anonymous said...

I actually like the binding. And the pockets.

Violet said...

Antoinette: thanks for the suggestions. Dyeing it a dark blue would be the first thing I'll try. But any re-cutting around the hem would require more fabric, which I don't have. I could try re-scooping the neck though. And yes I did try wearing it over a merino top but was really too sick to know if it looked okay. I think it's just that I don't suit pale colours.

Nigel: yeah I like the pockets. They are only sewn in at the sides y'know, so they're only for looks!

Kazzer said...

I think it looks OK. Maybe you should dye it if you're not happy.

Violet said...

kazzer: yeah that's what I'll do...when I get around to it.