Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This head is occupied

Quite possibly, the only thing that could clear my head effectively would be a gym workout, or a 2-hour life drawing class. Because at the moment my head is full of the kind of stuff that I've already blogged about to the point of boring you to death, and yet it's still there, in my head, not allowing anything interesting to come to the fore.

Preoccupied, that's what I am.

I should be editing my children's stories, especially since I've had some useful feedback. Or I could be doing our household budget (though, to be honest, I would probably only do that if our lives depended on it). Or I could be taking up the hems on those work trousers I bought, which will otherwise languish on my hanger until they are no longer in fashion (or too tight).

Perhaps I should take a long walk, but I walked home from town this morning and ended up dwelling on the same old stuff again (will I be any good at my new job? will I look like an idiot in those cuban heel-ed shoes? will TLM be miserable with her new childcare arrangement? will I be too tired for sex (well, more so than now, anyway)?).

What do you do to clear your head to shake out those unproductive thoughts?


Angela said...

I went to the gym for an hour and ran.
I can only run on a treadmil or I run into things.

I also reread one of my romance books. You know it does a good job taking my mind off everything.
Mind candy

Nigel Patel said...

I want to do life drawings.
Does it cost much?

Daddy L said...

You don't want to know what I do to clear my thoughts... Illegal in three provinces and most of the US under the Bush administration.

Works like a charm though.

Nigel Patel said...

To clear my head I drive.
Unless driving is the root cause of my mental quandry and then I'm hosed.

Violet said...

angela: yes, I should get a book from the library - one that isn't about mothers returning to work...

nigel: it used to cost about $10 for a 2 hour session. You do have to draw though, sitting and staring will get you kicked out.

daddy l: I hope it's not party pills, 'cos those are illegal in NZ.

nigel: that'd empty one's head and my bank account. Petrol is extremely expensive in NZ.

Thanks for your ideas, folks. I think the library is my best bet, unless someone knows a good dealer ;-)

Make Tea Not War said...

I tend to just brood on my unproductive thoughts and let 'em fester until it all gets too much & then I try denial & have a glass of wine or two *cough* while listening to loud music, or immersing myself in trashy chicklit or hours and hours of tv watching. That didn't really help at all, did it?

Congratulations on the new job incidentally. Not sure where it is but if you are in town let me know if you ever feel like meeting up for lunch sometime.

Violet said...

mtnw: I do similar stuff to you, though without the wine and loud music. And I probably read blogs rather than chicklit...