Saturday, April 12, 2008

A personal paradigm shift

Up until last Tuesday, I've been assuming that I wouldn't be able to afford a nanny to look after TLM while I work. I'd been ringing around childcare centres, visiting them, getting on waiting lists and, eventually, making regular visits to one in particular.

But now I'll be working and earning as a self-employed contractor, and therefore earning way bigger bucks than I would as a permie. And now it appears that I can afford a mid-range nanny to cover all of my working hours.

Oh, the luxury! No worrying that 7-hour days in a busy childcare centre will tire out my little madam; no rushing in the morning to get TLM out the door with a snackbox full of cheesy crackers; no needing to stay at home if she gets a snotty nose. There's always the chance, of course, of the nanny getting sick and needing a day off work.

My take home pay would be shrivelled, just enough to keep me in cafe-bought lunches and the occasional haircut. Whereas, if I continue with the childcare centre plan, I'd be able to match the boy's own spending habits and pay off our credit card. The third option is to split it two ways - 2 days home with the nanny and 2 days at the centre (or a combination of mornings and afternoons).

What'll be - the money or the nanny?


Gizmo said...

NICE Blog :)

Nigel Patel said...

I like the split idea.
Then you know both and can make a more informed choice when you decide between the two.

Violet said...

nigel: yep, that's what I've decided on. I've already rung the nanny and offered her the job with those hours!

Angela said...

Good plan.

I am sure you must be getting excited

No Milk said...

the split idea also works out in a way that can help you figure out whether the nanny situation will work out in the long term...