Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A slight panic

Argh! I have only 20 days to find a nanny to look after TLM, until a space at her new daycare comes up.
A friend sent me the link to a babysitter/nanny website, but for some reason most of the women (because I've not seen even one "manny") are 19 years old. Though it might be nice for TLM to have someone young and energetic looking after her - a nice change from me.


Angela said...

Gregory's babysiter is 20 I think
He just loves her.
I think mostly it has to do with what they are willing to do with the kid.
Gregory's babysitter plays with him a lot.

It just isn't easy finding a sitter you trust.
Good luck

Violet said...

We met a lovely 19 year old prospect who seemed quite happy to play with TLM for the hour she was there. And TLM seemed really pleased to have someone to show all her best toys to. I reckon they might be a pair.