Thursday, April 03, 2008

It's all a bit tarty

TLM has become very enthusiastic about nudity lately.

We have a playdate on the beach, the other kid takes off his long trousers to avoid getting them wet, and - wham! - TLM is taking off her jeans, her underpants and her t-shirt.

It's a hot, sunny afternoon. I put the baby bath outside, fill it up with water and plastic toys and encourage TLM to do "the washing up" - wham! - off come her clothes, and she's not even thinking about getting into the tub.

TLM is bouncing on the trampoline at my mum's house, with her cousins. The up and down movement is helping gravity to pull her jeans down a bit. There's a fair bit of bum-crack. Oh no! TLM does a flip, the jeans and the underpants are suddenly on the other side of the trampoline and she's jumping about almost in the nudey-rudey.

My mum thinks it's a dangerous habit that could lead to a lifetime of looseness.

I just think that Autumn is really not the best time of year to start eschewing clothes.


Angela said...

Now spring would be a good season for that.

No Milk said...

i don't think that nudity = looseness. but i suppose one can argue, what is the bad thing there? i think society places too many taboos around the human body as it is and causes all of us to have weird body issues.

ps. i was always one who would never expose my body. i was too self-conscious. i always envied others who had that freedom...

Anonymous said...

I'm so pleased to hear that TLM is going through this phase too (I'm *sure* it's just a phase). O gets naked at the drop of a hat (or trousers). He then gets cold and says "I'm all shivery", but refuses to get dressed.

Hey, congrats on the job btw.


Violet said...

angela: yeah, try telling TLM that.

no milk: I have no problem with TLM getting naked, except I fear she'll get too cold. My mum, on the other hand, is Very Old Fashioned.

anonymous: Someone told me it's definitely a stage. It's nice actually, to see kids enjoying the feeling of being au naturel.
RE - the job, I've been asked to go into the office on Tuesday to hear what their offer is!!