Monday, April 28, 2008

First day at work

Frankly, I was less worried about my work performance, than I was about how TLM would find spending a whole day without her mummy. But I needn't have worried, because when I returned home after a full day's induction (getting a scant 15 minute break to gobble down my lunch) she was having a terrific time with her new best friend (the babysitter). She even napped!

So far, so good. Tomorrow, I take her to daycare for the morning and she'll be picked up by the babysitter for the afternoon. There's a chance TLM will protest tomorrow, now that she's aware of how long I'll be away. Or maybe she won't.


Julie said...

Oh good luck Violet! Don't have much to say except that really - hope today goes well too :-)

Violet said...

Thanks julie. It do go well. TLM was a bit tired, like yesterday. It must be the demands of all the one-on-one play, poor thing.

Dr.John said...

The question is which will bother you most. If she is upset or ifr she isn't upset?

Violet said...

dr john: I'm far too practical to get upset if TLM loves her babysitter.

Angela said...

Glad it is going well. Gregory was also tired after I started working too.
I guess the full time playmate can make them tired.

So excited for you