Friday, April 11, 2008

Jetlag without the travel

I'm still trying to get used to non-Daylight Saving time (nDSt) i.e. going to bed an hour later than I was whilst getting up around the same time in the morning as before. It's making me very tired. I'd intended to simply have earlier bedtimes e.g. at 9pm nDSt instead of 10pm. But then, I'd miss out on the second halves of Bones and House.

It's either that, or eye strain - a friend came over to visit this afternoon, and she stopped mid-anecdote to ask if there was anything wrong. Nothing was wrong - TLM was napping, I'd had time to peer at the Internet, the washing was on the line and the sun was still shining. It was my watery, blood-shot my eyes, you see. She thought it was something she'd said. Well, yes it was. It was the fact that I felt more-or-less fine, but evidently looked like shit. But I didn't tell her that, because she's actually a lovely person whose company I enjoy.

I don't blame her. I blame non-Daylight Saving time...or eyestrain.


Nigel Patel said...

Is the Southern hemisphere following the same Daylight Savings thing as the Northern?
Because that would come out all wrong.

Violet said...

Let me put it this way - around the time you Northerners are winding your clocks forward, us Southerners are winding ours back. Except our Daylight Savings time, I think, goes for a bit longer than most other countries'.

Angela said...

Don't you just love it when people say "Wow you look bad"

Makes a person feel quite good

Violet said...

angela: Egg-zachary!