Saturday, October 28, 2006

Meet the nanny

So we met the caregiver mentioned in the last post, and my fears about miscommunication were pretty well realised.

You see, I initially called her on the Tuesday and told her we'd drop by on Friday. But later that day, the agency rang and told me the caregiver had expecting me that day - not Friday.

Then, yesterday I rang and asked to postpone our meeting because of The Little Madam's cold. I suggested a couple of different days and times, neither of which suited her. Finally we settled on today - Saturday - at 2pm. Only it turned out that the caregiver had somehow mistakenly agreed to Saturday at 11.30. Not a good start, I think.

So yes, the English being "not one hundred percent" was no exaggeration.

However, her 3 1/5 year old son played really well with TLM, excitedly bringing out all his library books and toys, including the annoyingly loud musical moneybox. And the caregiver herself, though without formal qualifications or first-aid training, was as gentle and nice as I'd been told.

So there you have it. She gets along with TLM and her son promises to be a good playmate, but we'd have to communicate everything in writing to avoid any more misunderstandings.


The Editter said...

that sounds like it would be really frustrating and would mean if you ever got a phonecall from her you'd be really anxious. But it would make for great blogging!

Beth said...

Hi Violet,
From your last post it seems like you don't have much choice out there in terms of who you get as a nanny. She sounds really nice and it's great there is an older child there for TLM to "learn" from. However, I would find the language thing a real issue. I think the next 6 months will be crucial for TLM's speech development and I'm not sure how being with someone who speaks pidgeon English will affect that. Good luck making your decision. I would register TLM with the daycare centres anyway in the hope that a place might come up. We registered Eve in March for her place in September and were told it was "unlikely" a place would arise - lo and behold a month later we were told there was space for her.
I think it is likely (just from my own personal experience) that you will want to carry on working part-time after the temporary post runs out in January - it would be good to have something up your sleeve in terms of childcare if that happens.

Violet said...

editter: I can just imagine trying to tell her I'm going to be 30 minutes late, and arrive at her flat only to find that she thought I wasn't going to turn up for another 3 months...

beth: on the other hand, perhaps this is TLM's chance to learn a third language? I do feel like I don't have much choice, as you say, so if I turn her down than I might find myself having to let down my manager-to-be. I think you're right on my wanting to keep working part-time too; if the next 3 months work out, then I'd be keen to just keep going.

happy and blue 2 said...

It should make for good stories..
You are paying for care for your child so if the woman is good to her and the son is a good playmate for her then the rest should work itself out..

Angela said...

Well, what to do? I guess you could always use her until another person had an opening, but that would mean more adjusting. I say that you should just take her to work and make your boss take care of her while you work. Just kidding. Oh and to have some fun with her you could pretend you don't understand english either. Smiles!

Avery's mom said...

your so brave to take on the task of finding a care giver for your child. I know that has got to be very difficult.
our pediatritian is very difficult to understand at times (she's heavy in her hispanic) but her care for avery has been wonderful and I absolutley trust her with my babies health.
I feel like I'm able to offer my child a variety of influences in regards to race. and if there are any questions about comunication, I feel comfortable to ask the DR. to write it down for me.
good luck on your decision and I hope the best for TLM

The Skirt said...

Mmm, Indian food for TLM - lucky girl!

Violet said...

happyandblue2: I do think it's important to be able for communication btwn caregiver and parents should be good though - imagine the potential problems if something happens to TLM and I can't make out what's wrong, or the caregiver misunderstands which doctor to take her to.

angela: the workplace wouldn't be too bad a place for TLM - nice, big flat space to play in. But I reckon the other staff wouldn't get much work done.

avery's mom: well that's comforting. I know that if I take the time to go over things repeatedly it'll get through - I just would rather not have to do that.

the skirt: if only! I'd have to supply TLM with lunch and even though the caregiver's hubby is a chef, he makes pizzas rather than curries.

The Skirt said...

Gahhhh! Pizza instead of curry? Where's the love of the Indian heritage?