Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Get me some Valium. Now.

There's something about the last hour or so of The Little Madam's day which utterly exhausts me by the time it's over.

Over-tired from refusing to have her afternoon nap, she issues a steady whining monologue which I try to ignore - except sometimes she whines because she's doing a huge poo, so there's a good chance that by nappy-free time there's a fulsome, smelly trackmark waiting for me.

By dinnertime, TLM's more interested in throwing food than eating it. I waver between issuing a stern "NO", and simply ignoring it in the hope that some of the peas and meatballs rebound off the wall and into her mouth. (I've tried simply ending the meal as soon as she starts acting up, but then I worry she'll go to bed hungry and not sleep well).

I usually put on a Baby Einstein DVD during nappyfree time, so she'll leave me alone while I get her bath ready. But Baby Einstein no longer holds TLM in a hypnotic trance. So to minimise the possibility of carpet burns on her bottom (she's a bum-shuffler, remember), I strap her into her infant chair with a cloth nappy under her backside. Whining continues as she struggles to get free of the chair harness.

You may have tried to dress a freshly-greased baby who's intent on practicing her rolling, wriggling and sitting up. If you have, you're probably already nodding in recognition. If you haven't, you're welcome to drop by for some workplace training.

Once she's in bed, she pretty much goes straight to sleep, for which I'm indescribably grateful. Our baby-free evening has begun - which means I'm free to lie inert on the couch until either I'm persuaded to make dinner, or the takeaways arrive.

Hmm...maybe this time TLM really is turning one-nap girl.


Michael C said...

I remember when the twins (they are 4 now) moved from 2 naps to 1 nap. We still catch ourselves weeping about that at times.

After Baby Einsteins there is a new series called Little Einsteins, my girls love it...if it helps.

Violet said...

But the one nap would have been roughly the same amount as the total of their previous two naps, right? It must've been devastating when they lost their need for daytime naps altogether.

I didn't know about Little Einsteins - thanks.

happy and blue 2 said...

It's great when they can finally feed themselves properly and bath themselves and walk off to bed..Woohoo..

Beth said...

Hi Violet.
I was thinking similar things today. Especially that I need valium. Eve is ill and it's such a challenge when all my "routine" goes out the window. I sometimes feel I'm holding things together with a very fine thread and only just coping.

Make Tea Not War said...

I actually took annual leave this week. I hoped to get my hair cut and perhaps to buy some summer clothes. I even thought I might manage to do a thorough vaccuum. But obviously that was FAR TOO AMBITIOUS and instead we've all been sick and I do find looking after a sick child when I am sick myself to be one of the most testing things about parenting.

I think the bathtime-bedtime routine with babies and young kids tends to be difficult for a lot of people. I saw somewhere a woman who had four children now in their teens and she said as the bathtime hour approaches her shoulders still reflexively tense up.

I myself always have to slump on the couch for a few minutes before I can contemplate moving after it.

You could try getting TLM some Maisy dvds. I seem to remember them being a big hit when Baby Einsteins weren't cutting it anymore. The Hairy McLary dvd was also good.

charlotte said...

Oooohhh, it's such a nasty transition, from two naps to one. Ollie's going through it too - he has a morning nap but WILL NOT nap in the afternoon, so falls asleep shattered shortly after 6pm. This means he's up, perky and ready for his day by 5am, which is about two hours before anyone else in the house is ready to be conscious!

Violet said...

So this is what it takes to get some comment love, eh?

beth: She's still unwell? That's awful. TLM is a bit snotty right now, but it didn't stop me from taking her to the pool this morning.

mtnw: Yes, we've got a Hairy McLairy DVD already and she loves it. I've been looking at the Maisie books at the library but not come across any on DVD yet. I can well sympathise with your plight. I haven't been able to see the dentist since TLM was born, even though my molars are giving me signals.

charlotte: ah, sounds like TLM alright. She and Ollie could have sleepovers.

Gary James said...

I've never had to dress a freshly-greased baby but I did once have to pursuade a ferret into a small transporter box. I imagine there are similarities.

Violet said...

gary james: I think those similarities might only exist if you've never tried to dress a freshly-greased baby. but then, I've never tried to persuade a ferret into a transporter box...