Friday, October 20, 2006

Anxiety sets in

I'm waiting to hear back from one in-home childcare (that's one person looking after up to 4 kids, in her own home) agency, hopefully with a list of potential care-givers for The Little Madam, and for a visit from another agency.

If the alignment of the planets is in my favour, then I'll find someone who'll take good care of TLM while I work part-time from next month. TLM being the ultra-cute kid that she is, I'm confident that whoever gets the job (if anyone does) will adore her.

But 2-3 weeks is not enough time for me to worry about things like:

- what if the caregiver turns out to be a child abuser? At least in a daycare centre there are multiple staff so you can't get away with mistreatment. TLM could get upset every morning and I'd think it's simply separation anxiety;

- what if TLM never settles in?; She might never nap because of the huge change of environment, and regress in her sleep habits.

- if I spend all my time either working or catching up with TLM, won't I have even less me-time than I do right now?

I suppose every parent who decides to put their kid into daycare must go through exactly this kind of angst, and they can probably blog about it a lot more eloquently too. So I'll just shut up now.


Cathi said...

I don't have any wisdom here.

But one thought occurs. If all four little darlings are being put down for naps at the same time, will she socialise and comply? possibly maybe?

And another, re the risk: can you phone the other parents for references?

And another: your definition of "me-time" will probably change - you might even feel you don't need so much time "alone" because you'll essentially be free of family when at work.

I hope you get it sorted, anyway. I'm sure TLM will be fine.

Violet said...

I'm sure she will - apparently it's usually much more traumatic for the mums than for the children.