Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The fluffy menagerie

I took this photo while waiting for The Little Madam to nap this morning. After fifteen minutes she started yelling, so I went in to find her with one leg sticking out of the collar of her sleeping bag, and the other hanging out of one armhole. She could grow up to be a gymnast...

It might be a girl thing, but TLM has a real fondness for soft toys. And the boy is a sucker for buying her whatever makes her hyperventilate with excitement.

From left to right are:
Pelican, Red Panda and Heffalump, Dragon (originally mine), Tigg, Koala and 'Enry (that's Cockney for Henry).


Rainypete said...

You want to keep an eye on all those plushy things. I think they breed when you aren't looking. When our daughter was first born, they slowly began to creep in. It's so bad now that when you go in to wake her up in the morning you have to sift through all the fuzzy buddies to find her. The funny part is that I don't remember getting most of them.

Gary James said...

With me it's ducks. Someone bought me a stuffed duck, and for some unfathomable reason everyone connected with my life assumed they had to do likewise. I now have twelve, in various shapes, sizes, textures, as well as a chicken from someone who obviously never read the Observer Book of Birds as a youngster.

Violet said...

rainypete: I'd say that was a valuable income source you have there - soft toys that reproduce. All you have to do is sneak 'em away without your daughter noticing, and sell 'em on eBay.

gary james: ducks - love' em. I think it has something to do with Gary Larsen cartoons. Perhaps the chicken-giver wanted you to diversify.