Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The calm after the storm

It's hard to believe that it's actually calm and sunny today - the sort of weather you always think Spring should offer up, instead of those gale-force winds, toe-numbing temperatures and pelting rain that characterise every single Labour Weekend I can remember.

Yesterday, because I was sick of being cooped up indoors, I took The Little Madam out to the local playgroup and we nearly got blown backwards into the traffic we'd just crossed. Really. At the traffic lights I had to brace myself by planting one leg way back and leaning heavily into the buggy. The buggy's rain cover kept threatening to blow right off and sometimes I had to choose between holding onto my rain hood or holding onto my baby (she won).

But after four full days of atrocious weather,the kind that blows cars off mountain roads and turns a Cook Strait ferry crossing into the ultimate punishment for forgetting one's seasickness pills, at last it's Spring-like.

I think we'll go for a nice walk.


Make Tea Not War said...

It is nice it's settled a bit today- though horrifically I was just reading that this coming weekend is set to be stormy again :(

Michael C said...

Is it Spring there? In Southern Califonia we're entering Fall, which is pretty close to spring and sometimes even summer in the rest of the world ;-)

happy and blue 2 said...

Glad you survived your walk to the playgroup..
It's almost winter here..

Violet said...

mtnw: oh poos >:-(

michael c: yep, it's spring alright. But from the little I know about California (i.e. television shows), San Francisco is the only place there which doesn't have warm and sunny weather all year 'round. P'raps it would be boring, but I wouldn't mind testing it out :-)

happyandblue2: yeah I know. Autumn in the northern hemisphere is really pretty.