Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A wheezer's progress

Yesterday I took The Little Madam back to the doctor's for her follow-up appointment. Apparently the wheezing is better than it was, although they still can't tell me whether what she's got is anything more serious than an unlucky string of cold viruses.

So we've been advised to continue with the inhaler for another week (TLM now hates the spacer, even though she was quite relaxed about it the first few times) and get some nutritional supplements into her. And there's another follow-up appointment on Friday.

The interesting thing about the supplements I bought was the blurb on the respective boxes. This stuff is aimed at babies and toddler who are recovering from illness or are fussy about food and don't eat much. And the latter very definitely fits TLM's profile. But here is an excerpt from the instructions for use:

Dose: 10 drops daily in milk, water or food.

Okay, so I can't add it to the milk, because she's breastfed. I won't add it to her water because she doesn't drink much water at any one time and it'd end up going down the sink. And I don't see the point in adding it to her food if she refuses to eat anything from a spoon. I did think of syringing the stuff into an oven chip, though.

I'll let you know how we got on.


onscreen said...

I've seen a cooking show where they injected chips with tomato sauce - so why not with medicine!

Cathi said...

Goodness, what terrible instructions - is that ten drops at once, or ten drops spread out over the day? Must you have exactly ten drops, ie nine won't work, or is it up to ten drops and no more? Do they say ten drops because they know she'll actually only get a maximum of five of those?

As for techniques - if she's working on a particularly beloved chip, could you surreptitiously sprinkle a drop onto it before she takes the next suck? And do this ten times over the course of the day? I know mums can achieve miracles like this with their hands tied behind their backs.

And here's a kinda-gross idea - when breastfeeding, how about putting a couple of drops on **you**


Beth said...

Sorry TLM is still not better. When Eve was on antibiotics they told me to put i in her milk - I think they forget that some mums still breastfeed. Have you tried just giving it to her on a spoon? Although she won't now take things other than yogurt off a spoon, Eve happily opened her mouth and took the antibiotics - I think sometimes they sweeten or flavour them for babies.
Hope she is better soon. Wow - 2 weeks til she's one. That's amazing.

Violet said...

onscreen: but she'll be able to taste that horrible cherry flavour in the chip.

cathi: the syrup is pretty watery, so I'd end up awash in the stuff and hardly any would get into her mouth. I tell you, getting TLM to take her medicine is at least as hard as getting her to take food off a spoon!

beth: she doesn't seem to like the cherry flavour. shame really, that it doesn't come in orange because she does like that.