Saturday, August 12, 2006

It's her party and she'll be adorable if she wants to

The Guests -

My mum, who took an hour to get ready but made enough deep-fried wontons and rice rolls to feed a all the staff of your average south-Chinese sweatshop.

My brother, his partner and their two kids (aged 5 and 2 respectively). My sister-out-law provided the recipe for eggless, dairyless chocolate cake. The very fact that I managed to not quite get it right just shows how unlike Nigella Lawson I really am. The fact that the cake still tasted really good is testament to her (my sis-out-law, not Nigella) ability to select the right chocolate cake recipe to suit my baking "talent".

The Editter
, who stepped in as the god(less)mother-by-proxy. TLM's actual god(less)mother is in fact Flying Kiwi, who is of course overseas.

TLM's godparents, who are the boy's most fab friends. They left their super-cute, floppy-eared doggies home to come over and set The Little Madam up with her next season's fashion wardrobe.

The rest -

I made sure there was lots of food on offer, but my mum's wontons were the clear favourite. Next year I'm going to forget about ordering bakery goods, and just get mum on the job. TLM didn't really take much notice of the presents (loads of the latest in toddler-wear, a truly great pop-up version of We're Going On A Bear Hunt, Chocolate Mousse For Greedy Goose and a genuine piece of greenstone all the way from the Deep South - South Island, that is) but only because she was too busy watching her cousins trip and land in other people's cake. There was also the obligatory lap-time to be spent with each adult present, no doubt pretty tiring for someone who is more used to being in a crowd of three.

She was a worn-out little angel by the time everyone had left to go home.

p.s. We did take photos, and I'll endeavour to post some up soon.


The Editter said...

They were great wontons! But, to be fair, your neice and nephew ate more than a dozen between them...

Violet said...

you just can't beat good home cooking. As opposed to terrible home cooking...Mum's culinary gene must have not got passed on to me!