Sunday, August 13, 2006

Party pic

Here's a piccy of the bemused birthday girl, watching a giant brown, candle-topped slab approach her while everyone sings Happy Birthday. That's her Poh Poh making sure she doesn't make a run for it.

You'll have to excuse the uncropped-ness of the photo because I've loaded it straight onto Handbag (the name of my laptop), which doesn't have any photo-handling software on it.

Oh, and I was gonna dress her up for the do, but her dad was the one who got her up from her nap. He was the one who put her in the sweatpants and McDonalds colours.


happy and blue 2 said...

She's such a cutey.
She does look a little confused though. Did you just tell her I sent her birthday wishes, ha,ha..

Scholiast said...

She still looks adorable :)

The Skirt said...

What a cutie - happy birthday!

Violet said...

happy and blue 2:no, but I might have just read her one of your stories ;-)

scholiast and the skirt: yeah, hard to make her look un-cute, really.

EB said...

TLM looks sweet, and so does the chocolate cake! (I'm impressed that you made it yourself).

Interesting camera shot taken from the cake bearer's chest?

I like the name of your laptop too.

Violet said...

eb: I think the boy took the photo while at the same time managing to avoid giving the cake-bearer a bear hug.