Monday, August 21, 2006

Hospital drama, the sequel

The Little Madam and I went to visit my mum in hospital this morning (and not an hour too soon, because as soon as we got home it started pissing down like you wouldn't believe), and The Chinese Patient is feeling pretty much back to normal. She's due to be discharged tomorrow, and we're currently organising for some home help for the first few weeks. This includes a weekly cleaner, which hopefully means that I no longer have to put off seeing to that mould in her shower box.

The hospital staff, on the whole, have been really good, especially considering the language barrier and my mum's old-lady fussiness. I hope the janitor doesn't mind having to scrape all the shrapnel from TLM's lunch, off the floor by Mum's bed; rice balls have a habit of disembowelling themselves all over the place, their constituent grains sticking to tenaciously to whichever surfaces they land upon (hey, what a lot of big words I used in this sentence!).

We intend to go back after TLM wakes from her afternoon nap, so if you have the weather god's ear could you tell her to please make it stop raining?

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