Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Back into the social fray, whilst dodging unpredictable naps

This week is going to be the most social week The Little Madam has experienced for at least a month. Although we're still administering her inhaler twice a day (during Baby Einstein-viewing times, or else there's a big fight), she's pretty much all better now and no longer coughing herself awake at night. She's still waking up lots anyway, but I s'ppose you can't have everything eh?

This whole two-naps-to-one-nap transition is pretty hard - yesterday I put her down for her afternoon nap at midday, and she slept all of 45 minutes. By bedtime she was almost bouncing off the walls (what stopped this from happening was that we have almost no bare wall space). So today, because she woke up at the pre-dawn time of 5.30am I decided it was going to be a two-nap day. And she decided to sleep only in the morning, and talk to herself during the entire hour of her afternoon nap.

So anyway, this morning we went to the Salvation Army playgroup, where she absolutely delighted in spending time with a whole array of unfamiliar toys. Tomorrow morning TLM hits the pool for her swim class - the first in about a month. On Saturday afternoon we're having a cosy wee birthday party, because guess who turns the big One on Friday?


Make Tea Not War said...

Happy Birthday to TLM for tomorrow! Isn't it amazing how fast time flies! It doesn't seem that long ago you and I were both childless. How things have changed.

Violet said...

They sure have. I use to be a culture vulture and now I'm a baby bore ;-)

EB said...

Happy Birthday to TLM!

P.S. that was me about shaving on your latest post.

Violet said...

eb: thanks for the lovely birthday present! I'm sure she'll love That's Not My Dragon - and if she doesn't I'll have it for myself.