Friday, August 11, 2006

At last, a meme that means something to me

Thanks to Make Tea Not War, I have found a meme I can get my teeth into...

1) The first movie you remember seeing on the big screen:

It was one of those Tarzan movies. No, not the ones starring Johnny Weissmuller - I'm not quite that old. It was the Tarzan that came after. The next movies I remember going to see were the Bond movies. You can probably guess that I have no sisters ...

2) Movie from which you can quote multiple lines in your sleep:

That's quite a challenge with a memory like mine. I'd have to say Zoolander, because the line "stings like a fissure in my ass" just keeps popping up in my head at the most inappropriate times.

3) Director (dead or alive) that you’d most want to have dinner with:

Is Johhny Depp a director yet?
Otherwise, probably the maker of those hilarious mockumentaries, Best in Show and A Mighty Wind. It couldn't possibly be a dull dinner.

4) Movie that should have won an Oscar but didn’t:

Zoolander ;-) I dunno really, I just know what makes my brain tickle.

5) Movie that didn’t disappoint despite being the adaptation of a book:

The Lord of the Rings - but then I never got past the first chapter of the first book. Most often I see the movie before I've read the book, which is probably a better way of doing it. In which case, I can recommend 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Hotel New Hampshire.

6) Movie you were dragged to by someone else expecting to hate, but which you loved:

Trainspotting. I was expecting something that glorified drug-taking, and got the opposite. It was scary, repellant and really, really funny.

7) Movie that scares the crap out of you no matter how many times you see it:

Salem's Lot. The first time I ever saw it my brother and I were home alone. He left the room just before that scene with the vamped little boy floating outside his living brother's window. That scene still gives me the shivers.

8) The movie that makes you bawl no matter how many times you see it:

Usually if it made me bawl the first time, I wouldn't go see it again. But many, many episodes of Buffy make me bawl and it's never stopped me from watching them repeatedly.

9) The movie that still has you rolling on the floor with laughter no matter how many times you’ve seen it:

Zoolander. Of course.


Emily Barton said...

So flattered that you found my little meme to be "by far the best [you've] come across in ages." I agree, SALEM'S LOT is terrifying.

Violet said...

I suppose it's a case of different memes for different me's ;-)

Scholiast said...

And I haven't even heard of Zoolander.. Possibly it has something to do with our number of kids and (much smaller) number of cinema attendances these past years, but I'd better look into it!

Wicked said...

Oooooh migawd, Scholiast - you absolutely MUST investigate (and see!) Zoolander. I agree, Violet - sidesplitting. My faves: "eugoogulies" and "what is this? A school for ANTS???"

Violet said...

scholiast: yes, listen to Wicked - it's a wonderful example of really silly humour.

wicked: not to mention the cleanup after a day in the mines, or Hansel's attempt to hack into the computer...