Monday, August 14, 2006

Hammock time

We just got back from the doctor's, where The Little Madam received her fourth and final Meningococcal B vaccination (two months late). Of course, she wouldn't have the afternoon nap that would have helped her feel a little more rested for the jab. But she took it like a trooper, calming right down after the initial piercing, red-faced shriek.

And I've found that if I put a tired, jabbed one-year-old in her baby hammock (the one she looked so sweet in almost exactly one year ago, here) and bounce and rock it for about fifteen minutes, I can make her fall asleep after all.


The Editter said...

damn you! I now have "doo doo do doo, do do, do do CAN'T TOUCH THIS" in my head!

Violet said...

he he he >:-)