Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The clock that lied

I've noticed lately that The Little Madam has started waking quite a bit earlier than usual. She's gone from calling for milk and a Baby Einstein DVD anytime between 6am and 7am, to calling desperately for milk at around 5am. This isn't so surprising to me, since she's sleeping lots better now and getting very little - if any - milk during the night. But I was starting to wonder whether 5am was going to be the new 6am.

This morning, her yelling was so loud and insistent that, even though I usually try to wait until 6am before going to get her, I ended up struggling out of bed at 5.30.

TLM seemed pretty glad to see me, and the idea of putting her straight back to bed after nursing her didn't pan out because she got upset when I started to veer off the normal get-her-dressed-and-put-on-a-baby-DVD routine. So I brought her out into the lounge.

And that's when I noticed that the clock in the bedroom is a whole hour behind.


Angela said...

Even if you don't know what time it is they always seem to know. Time to get up, time to eat, time to poop, time to play, and time to sleep.

Violet said...

don't they just? ;-)