Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Before seeing our GP the other day, I'd suspected that perhaps The Little Madam was suffering from an iron deficiency. There was an article I'd come across, suggesting that this can cause loss of appetite and increased susceptibility to colds and other viruses. It was me to suggested putting The Little Madam on supplements, not the GP (though I'm sure I did a good enough job making it think it was her idea).

I managed to get the syrups into TLM by adding some of it into the first spoonful of her food - I could usually get one spoonful into her mouth - and the rest by syringing it into her mouth while she screamed in protest (can't blame her really, I hate cherry flavoured medicine too, always have.)

It's been only three days and three doses, and there's a huge improvement on TLM's appetite. She still won't take much from a spoon, but yesterday she actually ate a whole meatball, a whole riceball and about four kumara wedges. And this morning since breakfast she's been snacking constantly on bits of toast.

It doesn't seem to have done anything for her willingness to take naps though - lately we've had days where she'll only nap at noon, after an exhausting morning of abandoned nap routines, the arm-flapping she does when she's overtired, and finally a breastfeed. And then there have been the days where she won't nap at all.

But one out of two ain't bad.


Beth said...

Just popped on quickly to say that Eve is onl having one nap a day now too. Apparently once they hit 10 months, 50% of babies will only have one afternoon nap. She goes down at 12 and sleeps about 2 hours.

Violet said...

I was wondering whether TLM needs only one nap though - she wasn't settle into two naps per day until about 9 months! I was fully expecting her to need two naps until 18 months...

Btw, does Eve go 12 hours at night without needing a milk feed? We just can't seem to manage it.