Sunday, January 01, 2006

Where did that year go?

We weren't planning on welcoming in the new year in person, but Baby woke me up at 12am on the dot so I got to silently wish her a happy new year while she not-so-silently demanded a midnight feed thank-you-very-much.

It's hard to believe a whole year has been and gone already. In the last twelve months, I have:
-started a new job so that I could concentrate on library school,
-dropped out of library school (probably permanently) because I got pregnant,
-found out that pregnancy is not necessarily synonymous with the word "glow",
-left my new job to go on maternity leave,
-found out at first hand what child birth is really like (my mum was right - it sure does hurt),
-welcomed an unbelievably cute little person into the world
-and gained some idea of what sleep deprivation torture must be like.

Now that we have a baby in the family, I know that time is now going to pass even more quickly than it did before. In what will seem like a matter of seconds, Baby will transform into a crawler, a walker, a talker and a pre-schooler, respectively. Next thing I know, she'll be hawking her modelling portfolio to prespective agents, and her daddy will be warning off her biker boyfriends with a shotgun.

Happy New Year!


happyandblue2 said...

Hope you and your family have a Happy New Year..

The Editter said...

that's an amazing year for you! Now that you've got the preganancy and birth parts out of the way I hope this year is sweeter for you! Happy New Year!!

Nigel Patel said...

Happy New Year back at'cha!

EB said...

Happy New Year!

Jon said...

Admit it, 2005 was probably the best year of your life, as well as the year your life changed the most. Here's to a great 2006! ^_^

Violet said...

jon: most definitely the latter!

Avery's mom said...

thats strange how similar your post sounds like my last post from 2005 into 2006
just thinking about how quickly our babies are going to grow and the time will fly past

Violet said...

Avery's mom: that's to be expected I suppose, since our respective daughters are pretty close in age. Only I didn't get married :-)

Kazzer said...

Violet, it's never too late for a wedding. I'd even make my own bridesmaid's dress. Hope you have a brilliant 2006 and that the stress of motherhood decreases.
oh pooh, I forgot to have children!

Rainypete said...

What a coincedence! I ws feeding my little guy at midnight too. The onyl difference I was trying not to pinch the IV tube at the same time.

For all the trials and tribulations and doubts we feel, they all melt away witha smile from the little ones don't they?

Happy New Year

Violet said...

kazzer: but it's never too late to have children! ;-)
(well okay, it's too late once you've been through "the change"... but you know what I mean).

rainypete: yep, there's a reason why babies are so cute :-)

boudica of suburbia said...

Happy New Year!!!

Get the boy to look after baby and go get smashed!


darth said...

happy new years to you and your family, violet :)