Monday, January 30, 2006

a dog's dinner

Imagine you're a starving Kenyan kid, and someone offers you a free nutrition-packed meal. All you have to do is add water and you've got all the calories, protein, vitamins and minerals you need.

Then imagine finding out that you've been eating dog food.

I can only compare it to that moment back in my childhood, when I realised that those delicious meaty things I'd been gobbling down were lamb's tongues. Tongues of lambs. Just like your own tongue, but cut out of the mouth of a poor little bitty woolly lamb. Need I add that I could never touch those things again?

Anyway, I digress.

According to the woman who's planning on donating the food to the Kenyan kids, it's all kosher (so to speak) and nothing yucky. All the same, it'd be best not to let on to the kids that they've been eating the same thing Rover is.


Anonymous said...

I think that by the time they're starving, they would have already eaten the local dog food, including the local dogs. Our dog food won't faze them at all.

Still, I always wonder if we're doing the right thing by sending in food aid. Perhaps if they didn't expect help they would fix their governments?

Violet said...

They might well be desperate enough to eat dog food, but it's still a dodgy thing to send them dog food when they could be sent food specifically made for human consumption.

I think it's a little simplistic to expect people to just 'fix' their governments. Besides, a lot of famines in Africa seem to be due to civil war i.e. someone is already trying to 'fix' their government.

glomgold said...

Some of that dog food looks pretty tasty, at least in the commercials. I'm a fan of tongue so long as it's sliced up rather than the big ol' slab sitting there. That's a little much for me.
It may be a might hard to fix those corrupt governments when the citizenry is starving to death. Perhaps the colonizing foreign governments who caused quite a bit of the mess in the first place should help mend their global screw-ups.

Violet said...

glomgold: some of that gourmet pet food does look kinda tasty...but then even McDonalds looks pretty attractive in those commercials.

Those colonizing governments would be the US, France and Britain. And you don't hear of them doing a damned thing.

onanymous said...

Some of those Central African countries have been recieving food aid for so long, that there is an entire generation of children there who honestly believe that food comes from the sky.
If the aid is stopped just like that, these people will starve - they just don't have the neccesary skills or recources to provide for themselves anymore.

As for tongue - it is one of my favourite dishes, especially with a sweet mustard sauce.

Violet said...

onanymous: it was probably one of my favourites too, until it hit me what I'd been eating.