Saturday, January 21, 2006 rice...

Today was the day I started Baby on solids.

I mixed up some baby rice cereal with cold boiled water, according to the instructions on the package, but it looked a little lumpy - sort of like badly made porridge. But that didn't faze me because it's really only supposed to give her a taste of non-milk food.

She opened her little mouth as soon as she saw her specially-bought Tommee Tippee silicone-tipped spoon approach, loaded with yummy rice-y goodness. Obviously she was expecting something tasty.

But I could tell this was going to be a work in progress when I watched her face crumple as though to say "what the...?" and slowly work the stuff out of her mouth with her tongue (the rest of it came up when I put her down for "tummy time").

Tomorrow I'm going to try mixing it with a little breast milk to see if she likes it any better.


Avery's mom said...

we've been feeding Avery rice ceral for 2 weeks now, she seems to like just fine, but then she's such a terrific eater. I give her a bowl of it in the morning before nursing her(I just imagine that she's thirsty after eating something so lumpy) and the same in the evening before bedtime.

tummy time is like cant do it right after eating.

Violet said...

I hope Baby turns out to be a good eater too - if she's anything like her mum, then she'll learn to love her food.

When I said the rest of her food came up during tummy time, this was at leas half and hour after "eating" it. If I'd left it any later, it would've cut into her nap time!

onanymous said...

I remember how much trouble my sister had in the beginning.
Getting Hannah to eat a teaspoon full of sweet potato could take up to an hour.
And the faces she pulled when she tasted prunes for the first time - hilarious.

But now, at 2 years, she just can't get enough of food. She would finish a whole bowl of porridge at home, then go next door to her aunt's house and have her second breakfast there.

Sounds vaguely hobbitish, doesn't it? :)

Violet said...

onanymous: I don't have the patience to try for a whole hour, and Baby loses interest pretty early on anyway - she turns her head away after a little while. She doesn't seem to mind me putting food in her mouth - but once it's in there it just stays in her mouth...