Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A room of her own

Baby moved into her room last night (though I'm going to sleep in a single bed next to her cot for the next few weeks). In hindsight, the timing of the move wasn't the best - but then, just about any time is a bad time for a baby to be moved from the master bedroom to what was previously the family storage room.

I thought we'd have trouble with the move, when Baby didn't fall asleep during her buggy ride, timed to coincide with all the furniture moving. After over an hour of being pushed up and down the neighbourhood's bumpiest streets, Baby stayed determinedly awake. Then she screamed herself silly for the last twenty minutes before conking out. Not a good start.

Then it looked as though the storm was going to make it hard for her to fall asleep. The gale force winds had not only blown over a whole section of the corrugated iron fence dividing our property from our neighbours' - it was trying to blow the fence back up again too.

In the end, she did fall asleep in her new room. Only she woke up about three times before midnight and about five times after midnight.


Make Tea Not War said...

Our toddler woke up several times last night. The wind was pretty bad.

happyandblue2 said...

Hope she adapts to her own room quickly.
I had a cot in my sons room when he was a baby. If he got to upset I would just sleep in the room with him. Seemed to work for him. And me..

EB said...

Fencing with the neighbours sounds dangerous. The shutters to my son's room rattled like one possessed but nothing compared to the racket that corrugated iron would have done.

Violet said...

mtnw: yeah it was pretty bad early in the evening. Didn't it die down quite a bit by the wee hours though, when Baby was at her most wakeful?

happyandblue2: yeah, I'd quite like to leave the bed in there with her even after I move back to the main bedroom, just for those times when she's feeling needy - just not every night!

eb: I blame it on the neighbours. they've had parties in the back yard and played ball in there; I could hear the ball smacking into the fence heaps of times.

Rainypete said...

What better choice than a room previously used to store a family!
I noticed when we moved each of our little ones to their own rooms that it wasn't the kids that needed time to adjust, only us.

Violet said...

rainypete: I tried sleeping in the main bedroom last night, leaving Baby on her own. She was absolutely fine.

Rainypete said...

Maybe so, but how are you?!

Violet said...

rainypete: well I still don't sleep that well 'cos I have one ear listening to the baby monitor and she still wakes me up several times after I've gone to bed, but I'm really glad to be sleeping in a baby-less room again.