Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year

Yep, the Year of the Dog is upon us. That means big, council-funded Chinese cultural shows during the weekend, lion dances featuring at several Chinese restaurants about town and those ubiquitous little red packets of lucky money.

My family has never been big on traditions; we don't buy new clothes to wear for the new year, we stopped having celebratory dinners ever since my brother and I became too busy with our own families, and it's illegal to play with firecrackers outside of Guy Fawkes' Night.

But we do believe in those little red packets of lucky money - that is, my mum believes in giving them out to the children (i.e. that's my brother and I, and our respective partners and offspring) and we recipients believe in getting the handout. I suppose now would be a good time for my brother and I to start giving out little red packets to our own kids, but I don't know if we're supposed to. After all, unmarried adults are regarded as children; maybe we're off the hook indefinitely because both of us siblings are technically children.

I'll be dropping by at my mum's later on this arvo, but it's going to be a short visit though. For a while Baby hwas able to stay awake for an hour and a half before needing a nap, but lately she's regressed to needing a nap after only an hour at the most. It's not very convenient as it means that by the time we've got to Mum's house it's already nearly time to come home again for her feed and naptime.

Have a good one. Woof.


darth said...

happy chinese new years, violet!

flying kiwi said...

Happy New Year!n

glomgold said...

Yeah I wish we were allowed the use of firecrackers in this state. I guess I can go buy some guns though.

Violet said...

glomgold: how the Greeks and the Turks celebrate?