Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Routine rebound - baby cunning

We'd gotten into a nice, predictable routine for Baby's daytime naps and bedtime. For her naps, we'd sing her a couple of lullabies and rock her in the darkened bedroom, before putting her down in her cot just about asleep. (For bedtime, this is preceded by a warm bath, and I try to give her a feed if she isn't already too tired to eat.)

But, at least for day naps, that's all changed.

Just as we expected, Baby's associating certain things with sleep - lullabies, rocking, being wrapped in her blanket or zipped into her sleeping bag etc. Only Baby doesn't seem to like going to sleep. So as soon as we start crooning (or doing anything else which is associated with sleep), she starts to arch her back and cry, as though to say "I don't hear you I don't hear you I don't hear you!".

This kinda makes the whole point of having a pre-nap routine a little...pointless.

We're now having to be surreptitious. Don't announce that it's nap time, just sneakily carry her into the bedroom for a little "quiet play"; no lullabies, just croon some easy-listening songs; no rocking, just cuddle her until she's nice and dozy.

And we're having to keep changing our strategy every time Baby catches on. It's a little like the eternal battle between predator and prey, between bacteria and antibiotics, between 'flu strains and 'flu jabs.


EB said...

Cute and cunning, no wonder you're having to be creative. And then when she is more mobile ...

Kazzer said...

mmm, perhaps it's your singing that's upsetting baby. I know my singing would make birds fall out of trees.

Violet said...

eb: I can already anticipate pulling my hair out...if there's any left by then.

kazzer: surely my voice, to her, is like honeyed tones of the gods?