Saturday, January 07, 2006

The best of 2005

Just when I couldn't think of anything non-baby-related to write about, glomgold tagged me for a meme:

Four jobs I've had in my past:
Computer programmer
Shop assistant
Library assistant
Call centre operator

Four things I want to do before 2006 is over:
Get my boobies back
Sleep through the night
Start going out in the evenings again, sans baby
Move to a bigger, more child-friendly house

Four things I say a lot:

Bloody Hell
Pleeeeeease stay asleep
Is that a pooey nappy? Did you just poo your nappy???

Four things I don't trust:

My instincts
Advice from religious people
Winston Peters (a particularly unsavioury NZ politician)

Four things I do trust:
That the boy will always think of a way to make my life a little easier
Those lovely Plunket people who help me with my babycare concerns
That no matter what, something will come up which will prevent Baby from sleeping through the night
Lawnmower men whose lower legs are covered in grass clippings

Four people from history I'd like to meet:
Mulan. If she actually existed.
Jesus Christ. If he actually existed.
King Arthur. If he actually existed.
My ancestors in China. I'm pretty sure they existed.

Four best movies of 2005: (movies I saw in 2005, that is)
Finding Neverland
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Four best books I read in 2005:
We need to talk about Kevin, Lionel Shriver
Diary, Chuck Palahniuk
Q and A, Vika Swarup.
The Lovely Bones, Alice Sebold

Four people tagged:
The Editter
Nigel Patel


the frog princess said...

So you have unsavory politicians in NZ too? I thought we had cornered the market here in the US. ...

I loved Eternal Sunshine and really want to see Finding Neverland (mmmm ... Johnny Depp ... oh, sorry about that drool) but I couldn't stand Dogville -- I believe after I saw it I went around warning people about it.

As for your books, you're the second person I've seen to nominate We Need to Talk about Kevin, and you know, I picked up that book at a $1 sale at my favorite book store but I still haven't read it. I guess I really should, eh?

Nice reading you! I'm sure I'll be around ... I love reading about babies :)

Nigel Patel said...

I could only come up with three for things that I trusted.
Something to work on for this year I think.

Violet said...

frog princess: he's corrupt exactly, but he's a real stirrer and has been quite vocal in his anti-Asian views. So it's a joke that he's currently our Minister of Immigration...

nigel: it's probably less important how many things you can trust, and more important what those things actually are, right?

onscreen said...

Religious views aside, I'm sure most people would agree that Jesus did exists, the real problem most people seem to have is exactly who ro waht he was. As for King Arthur, I'm pretty sure the story was based on an actual person or persons so (in theory, if time machines worked) you could meet him to. As for your ancestors in China, I'd be more than pretty sure they existed!

And as for Winston, I had a great laugh on Election night when he lost Tauranga!

PS - I finally got a pop up whilst commenting on your blog: hmmmmmm, wonder whgats up with that!

flying kiwi said...

One thing I trust: Violet's book and movie recommendations. I haven't seen Serenity and of those books I've only read The Lovely Bones.

ps the Editter is away until the end of the month, so she may need a tag reminder then - although knowing her, she'll probably read and memorise every post and comment when she gets back.

The Editter said...

Aha! I'm tagged! I'm in an internet cafe in deepest darkest Southland, so it'll be another week or so before I do this. This is my first time on a computer all year, it's the 14th Jan (had to check my cellphone, I've lost track of days and dates...)

glomgold said...

My blog-slacking went this far back and I've been daunted lately in trying to catch up! I assumed no one I tagged would follow through on that meme. Eternal Sunshine is great; I need to go buy it some time.

EB said...

How about that, the rare time I'm tagged and I never saw the post about the best of 2005!

Oh, and if you are wondering why I'm sifting through your past, it is in search of links to parenting sites that you've mentioned for success stories on feeding toddler because it is driving me crackers.