Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Why do they all hate Wendy?

I normally avoid reality tv like three-day-old pooey nappies, but I now regret having missed most of the last season's Project Runway. By the time I caught on, eight designers had been eliminated and Wendy Pepper was already the girl most likely to be ignored at the after-show party.

But who would have thought that the show was so big? That you can actually buy the garments (and other stuff, including a Project Runway Barbie!!) from the show?

Tonight's episode was a bit rubbish, because it was just a big end-of-contest bitching session among the entrants, mainly targeting Wendy and the Brit, Vanessa.

But if we get the next season on tv, I'll be there. Trinny and Susannah, you've met your match.


Nigel Patel said...

I love Trinny and Susannah but they are awfully grabby.
They certainly feel up WAY more ladies than I ever have.

flying kiwi said...

My German housemate in Berkeley got us all into watching Project Runway, it became a "house experience". It was a good mixture of bitchiness and talent.

onscreen said...

I came home last night to find my wife watching it, I imediately went to turn it off and she threatened to turn into a feral cat, so i left it on.

Some one please tell me what the appeal of so called reality TV is?

The Skirt said...

It's not the same as actually watching, but TWOP has all the old eps recapped, and I often like the recaps more than the shows themselves!

You can get started here: http://www.televisionwithoutpity.com/story.cgi?show=163&story=8458&limit=all&sort=

Violet said...

nigel: and they get paid for it too!

flying kiwi: the fashion industry is probably the perfect setting for a group of ego-centric, back-biting drama queens eh?

onscreen: one word, "bitchiness".

the skirt: ooh, thanks!

glomgold said...

I am so ashamed I actually saw part of an episode...

Violet said...

glomgold: don't be ashamed, I bet you didn't enjoy it.