Monday, November 01, 2004

The study break that wasn't

My current study break is three weeks long - that is, there are three weeks between the last class in trimester two and the first class of trimester three. But it's really so much less than that; the first week of the study break was spent finishing an assignment, and the last week will be spent doing the required reading in preparation of the next class which is next Monday. So, in all, I had a break of a week in which I could read purely for pleasure, research only the subjects I'm interested in and write for fun instead of for credit.

And the next super-sucky thing is that, over Christmas, I get a mere one and a half weeks off school.

One of those big questionsI wonder why, when I forget the key to the branch library, I don't remember I need it until I've already driven the fifteen minutes through the suburbs to get there from the main library?

Making Murphy's Law work for me
Considering how I've often been passionately interested in something right up until I commit to it by spending up on materials, classes, outfits or whatever...I should commit myself to being a library assistant at my library for forever - thereby ensuring an offer to work for big bucks at an art school library doing whatever the hell I like...


Ista said...

Heh, I'm just the same - I think once you actually start /doing/ something, all the romance goes out of it. It's similar to the fact that even a really interesting subject becomes a lot less interesting once you have to find out about it for anything other than pleasure - which makes no sense, but there it is.

My 'breaks' are about the same as yours - I got all excited about how long I got off, especially at Xmas, until I started thinking about all the work there is to do during it.

Violet said...

Sometimes I wish I could be one of those people who are happy just the way things are, and have no ambitions to see the world or change it. But that's like wishing I was a vegetable.