Wednesday, November 10, 2004

car trouble

Yesterday morning I was on a mission to get into town for a quick (and secret) appointment and then go on to work, hopefully not getting in too late and thereby attracting concerned looks and questions from my boss. Speed was of the essence.

Rushing about so much that I forgot to take my gym gear for later, I was shocked and stunned (a cliche, but perfectly accurate in this case) to see that some idiot had parked across my driveway. Normally when this happens, nothing makes me jump with glee more than getting the Parkwise guys over and watching the offending vehicle be towed away. But this morning I had no time for such fun. Fortunately I was pretty sure the person who'd parked there would be found in the double-storey house opposite. And she was.

As if that wasn't bad enough (I was almost late for my appointment), I had a problem when I was ready to leave town and go to work...

My car was parked in a car parking building, and at the time there were no other vehicles there. When I returned an hour later, my car was flanked by fat four-wheel drives (or four-by-fours or SUV, depending on where you're living). I couldn't get my car out.

Actually I could get my car out, but only with the help of the parking attendant who directed my eight-point turn. It was not a good day to have forgotten to wear anti-perspirant.

I was half an hour late to work. Just as well my boss didn't show up till midday.


Ista said...

People who insist on owning cars twice the size of everyone else's should be made to qualify their buy by 1) explaining exactly WHY they need a car twize the size and 2) demonstrating that they know how to park and drive it in such a way that they won't irritate the hell out of everyone else.

Violet said...

yeah, they oughta have to have a licence to own one of those monsters.