Sunday, November 14, 2004

Retail therapy as treatment for post-bashing trauma

I've been very surprised indeed that my face hasn't come up bruised from Friday's unpleasant incident. I've always bruised easily, (which is one thing I envy Buffy, apart from the fact that she's gorgeous, has truly legendary friends and can stake a vampire with a flick of her wrist) and was expecting tell-tale yellow and purple patches by now. So, no visit from the local police photographer.

I also went shopping; that always helps. My spoils include:

1. One interview-friendly jacket (y'know, just in case), just right for summer interrogations (are you sure that library book already had a tear on page 55?...)
2. Two Angel DVDs; now I'm only one away from a full Season One collection
3. One Emily Strange t-shirt - it's not as cool and alternative as the Bad Kitty t-shirt but it's a close second.

I've almost forgotten it happened.


Ista said...

Just what every girl who's been smacked in the face needs: a nice day out shopping. :)

Violet said...

The boy offered to buy me typist's weight as a weapon, but I preferred getting the DVDs and clothes.