Saturday, November 20, 2004

All work and no play is making my eyes go all funny

Panic set in towards the end of last week when it really hit me that I have only a week and a half of non-working/sleeping/gyming/family hostessing/mother's taxi-driving time, in which to research, write up and present my assignment. I've responded to this by checking out, oh, a dozen very large books on typefaces, typography and book printing so I can bulk up my work with details.

I've only been staring at those books for two hours and already my neck is cracking like - I dunno, those scenes in the movies where the hero cracks his neck a lot before beating someone up...

I don't know which is more appropriate - valium to calm myself down, or mega-caffeine pills to speed up on the speed-studying.

All those times when Buffy's pals spent all night at the books looking for demon-identification tips - you'd think their eyes would go all funny too. But they were always bright-eyed and ready for demon-hunting action in the morning. Not I.


Arthur Chaparyan said...

I love the wittiness of your writing. Very unique. Computer programmer turned librarian? Now there's an interesting phenomena. What languages did you program in? It's rare to find a fellow ex-programmer willing to admit to their former job. Respectable indeed.

Violet said...

Why, thank you! (blushes)
Yep, I was a programmer but eventually realised I'm not geeky enough to continue in that line of work. People have told me that my IT background would be very handy in a librarian job, but I've found that it puts prospective employers off when I go for library assistant jobs - they must think I'm either socially inept or too intelligent. On the other hand I can't go for more skilled library jobs 'cos I don't have a library qualification.

Perhaps I should chase that age-old dream of being a travel writer?