Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Emily Strange

I came across this site and realised it was what a classmate was talking about, when she first saw my Bad Kitty t-shirt.

Initially it sounds a bit teenage, yet it reminds me of that character in the Ghost World movie - the girl who's really sarcastic and cynical and too intelligent for her own good.


Pickwick said...

I have an Emily Strange sleeveless t, which I love. When I expressed some reservation as I paid for it (!) I was told that it is mostly women in their mid-twenties and older that go for them, not the teens. Go figure.

My fave is one where she is saying 'Forget Prince Charming, I'll take the wolf'

Violet said...

The words on the back of a t-shirt worn by a waiter at a Chinese restaurant:
"The older I get, the faster I was"