Monday, August 02, 2010

Un-touristy sites in Rotovegas

It was a fairly long car ride - about 6 hours with 3 very short breaks along the way - so when TLM woke up puking at 4am the morning after arriving, we thought it must've been carsickness.

But carsickness doesn't make your feet turn out and cramp up arthritically. It doesn't make standing on your feet agony and walking without intense pain an impossibility. So the second day of our holiday was spent at Rotorua Hospital. She was admitted overnight for observation, and I was allowed to camp out next to her bed.

So, sleeping in a fold-out bed in a busy hospital next to your child who is suffering from gods-know-what, is not the most serene way to spend the night. What made it worse was the screams of the poor kid in the bed opposite who'd skied into a large rock and smashed up her knee, and was expressing her disapproval at the temporary withdrawal of her pain medication.

Not to mention the loud beeping of machines and the lights being left on until midnight.*

But TLM finally fell asleep around 10pm, and I dozed on and off all night.

And in the morning she was miraculous as good as new. They couldn't find the cause of this sudden, acute attack of pain-itis and we may never find out. Probably a virus, they said.

Tomorrow, the holiday really starts.

*I don't mean to complain. The hospital staff were wonderful and we were treated really well.


Anonymous said...

Good lord - I guess that solved some of your dilemma about sleeping on the side of the road though? Seems extraordinary lengths to go to. Hope the rest of your holiday is fairly non-eventful by comparison and also relaxing!

A said...

Oh no! How awful. Poor TLM & poor you. I hope the rest of the holiday is a big improvement

Violet said...

donnasoowho: yeah, a cunning plan but the hospital wouldn't accommodate the boy as well unless we broke his arm or something...We made up for it today with trips to Wai-o-tapu Thermal Wonderland, the Blue and Green Lakes, and the Lake Rotorua lakefront.

A:not quite what we'd had it mind, but thankfully TLM is back to normal and requesting multiple games of Mouse Trap.