Thursday, August 12, 2010

Today was the first day of the rest of her school life

We didn't cry.
At least, I didn't. I bet the boy did 'cos he a big softie - he would have done it after I left for work.

As it turned out, there was one other child starting today, and she was someone we knew a little (but hadn't seen since TLM was about 18 months). The other girl just happened to have the exact same birthdate as TLM too, so they pretty much bonded right from the start.

So that was a pretty good start. She was pretty tired at the end of her day though. By the time I got home from work I couldn't get any sense out of her because she was all over-tired and hyped up.

Back in the olden days, first days at school were a little different. My brother remembers me being dressed up like a little princess for my first day of school. All I remember is that I didn't know how old I was, and my teacher's horn-rimmed spectacles scared me speechless.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for you (and TLM)! It's funny in Australia all the kids start school on the same day (twice a year intake) whereas I remember starting on my birthday. I hated school to start off with (had never been to kindy or chidcare). I remember thinking that the classroom seemed too small and crowded - and the teacher tricked me into talking to her about my cat and my parents snuck out - and then I cried when I realised they'd gone. I got assigned a 'buddy'. Her name was Linda.

A said...

You are brave! I cried when DOTH started school. It's a big step.

Nigel Patel said...

All I can remember was that I was going to the wrong school and rode the city bus rather than the yellow school bus.

Violet said...

donnasoowho: ooh that's a terrible thing to do! You are always supposed to say "bye", otherwise every time you are out of sight they think you're leaving them behind somewhere.

A: I figured, since you suggested I take tissues. Maybe it's because we've been talking and thinking about it for so long that it was almost like she'd been going to school already.

nigel: I remember when I was at school, the thought of going on a school bus sounded quite exotic.

joven said...

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Angela said...

I have a feeling Gregory will be running out of energy like that too.
I am excited about it. I do hope TLM adjustment happens quickly.
It is such an exciting milestone.

So happy for TLM finding a friend

Violet said...

Angela: she's settled in great actually. Far better than I could have hoped for.

Karen said...

Wow - can't believe she is 5. I will be a blubbering mess when Lil Taf starts pre-school in January.

Violet said...

karen: ah, but that's 'cos you're a big softie :-)