Friday, August 06, 2010

Holiday Snaps

TLM enjoying the flower beds at Taupo

A picture of Huka Falls which does little to indicate the power of the water gushing through here. I still remember hearing the news about the naked body of a cricket umpire found here, inside a barrel

A  mud pool at Wai-o-tapu. Probably the same stuff they put on you at day spas, but hotter.

The geyser, plus numerous tourists

I think this was at the Champagne Lake. The thing that looks like a fried egg is a blob of sulphurous stuff

That lake at Wai-o-tapu with the plastic-ky green water

Looking out towards the hills from inside the Waitomo Caves tourist centre

Inside one of the Waitomo caves. At times it looked like we were underground at a parsnip farm.

Also inside one of the Waitomo caves. Cool, huh?

This is either the Blue Lake or the Green Lake - I can't tell because it was overcast and both of them were a bit grey...


Anonymous said...

Was it Peter Plumley Walker who went over the Huka Falls? I was trying to tell Ray about how there is a drinking game about that the other day but couldn't remember how it went. Lovely pics! I can almost smell the sulphur.

Violet said...

donnasoowho: yes that was him. Big handlebar moustache, that's the bit I remember from the news item. i know nothing of the drinking game though.

Anonymous said...

Oh so was he not the cricket umpire? I just remember the bit about 'accidentally died during SandM session'. I think the drinking game somehow emulates him going over the Huka falls. I never played it obviously but I remember other people doing it.

Violet said...

yes that's him alright. But I still don't recall any drinking game based on him tho!

Nigel Patel said...

Great shots!

Violet said...

thanks nige :-)