Monday, August 16, 2010

Out with the ugly, in with the new

So, this is how my cardigan looked last night. I wasn't able to finish it yet because once again I ran out of Paton's Zhivago in green - and the shop didn't have any more. So, with one sleeve to finish and the edging to do, I tried it on.

That's when I realised that the left front is longer than the right front. Maybe that's the risk when you knit a garment sideways. Anyway, that, and the fact that it looks thoroughly atrocious on me, is why I decided to unravel it and start again. This time I will try to make this Berrocco cardigan.

See, one of the things I like about knitting is that it is fairly easy to remake something that went wrong, compared to sewing.


Anonymous said...

That's weird don't know how I missed that post. Your wool is miles nicer than the spewy colour they're got i the pattern. What a pity re- it not all working out. I never have much luck with knitting either... apparently my tension is all wrong.

Violet said...

I'm sure it's all about tension. This pattern, however, claimed to work for any tension and any type of yarn (it's got little calculation-y bits. I'm going to keep try though, because it really does put me in a meditative state (if I don't get interrupted too much).