Friday, August 06, 2010

Something about travel making you appreciate home

We got back home yesterday. In all, we had two and a half days of travelling, two days of sightseeing, and two days of TLM being ill with a strange foot-cramping virus. But the sightseeing days were great and even the travel days weren't too bad either.

The first sightseeing day I've already posted about. The other one, also conducted in heavy rain, was a visit to the Waitomo Caves. We had to drive a couple of hours each way (though there was some lovely scenery along the way to make up for the boring mostly pastures of sheep and cows), and the tour fees were eyebrow-raising, but it was worth it. We visited two caves: the glow worm cave (including a boat ride in the dark) and the Aranui (I think) Cave, which had no glow worms so we were able to wander about  and take pictures of all the stalactites and stalacmites.

The day we left Rotorua was the second sunny day since our holiday started (the first one being the day we arrived). We had more rest stops, which really made for a less tiring and bum-numbing trip. I also wangled a stop-over in Otaki where all the designer outlet shops are.

Though we were away for only 6 days in total, we were all quite glad to be home - TLM missed having her own dark and quiet room, and the boy and I missed being able to watch telly without having the sound turned right down. Though right now I am missing that private thermal pool and the central heating...

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