Saturday, December 29, 2007

Saving money

I love the fact that shops all over the place are having massive post-Christmas sales. The big newspaper adds herald discounts of 30 - 50 percent. The anticipation of saving loads of money on stuff we were going to buy anyway, is quite exciting. (Although I'm not organised enough to use this sale-time to do my 2008 Christmas shopping.) The boy has only this week off work, and since Christmas Day we've spent most of his free time pursuing sales at appliance shops and the like.

So how come we've ended up spending so much money on non-sale stuff?


Angela said...

Come in for the sales and leave with everything else. Sometimes I wonder if the sales are even worth it, because I know when I go in for one thing I leave with more

Violet said...

Yeah, any savings you might have make are sure to be blown on something you buy at retail eh?