Friday, December 07, 2007

I must not...

...finish the box of chocolate almonds before anyone else has had a chance to try one (oops, too late!); about TLM in front of her, as though she can't understand just about every word we're saying;

...offer to take my mum to the supermarket, then complain when she takes as long as she usually takes;

...let TLM eat too many gingerbread Christmas tree cookies, because if she has one before breakfast I'll end up eating her toast;

...moan and groan and roll my eyes just because the boy wants us to watch the third Pirates of the Carribbean together;

...pretend to still have a bad back, just to get out of housework - at least, stop doing it after Christmas;

...forget that I'm very, very lucky to have the life I do.


onscreen said...

If I were you I'd do whatever I could to get out of watching the third Pirates of the Carribbean... it's a total bore....

Nigel Patel said...

Ah, being good.

I used to get Good Behavior Fatigue.

Not anymore.

no milk said...

it's always good to realize the luck we have. sometimes we don't remember that. :)

Violet said...

onscreen: I got through the first hour before the boy sent me to bed - I was yawning too much.

nigel: well, trying to be good.

no milk: that's especially true for me because I'm not a very observant person except when it comes to negative things.

Angela said...

It is amazing how much their little minds understand. I have started to spell things out to my husband once that stops working I will be in trouble.
yum chocolate